Give Us 48 Hours And We’ll Design Your Exclusive “Content For Leads Strategy"

Want to know how the most successful brands, businesses and entrepreneurs build online empires that enable them to convert their influence into cashflow… without spending a dime on ads?
Want To Know How The Most Successful Brands, Businesses And Entrepreneurs Build Online Empires That Enable Them To Convert Their Influence Into Cashflow… Without Spending A Dime On Ads?
Get off the ad-spend hamster wheel and generate leads for years without having to create and post hundreds of pieces of content.
Get off the ad-spend hamster wheel and generate leads for years without having to create and post hundreds of pieces of content.

WHAT: Content For Leads

WHEN: May 17 & 18, 2024

WHERE: Dallas, Texas

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your ads are inconsistent and your organic growth just isn’t happening 
  • ​You’re posting daily but your content just isn’t pulling in enough leads 
  • ​You get some engagement but you just can’t convert it into cashflow…

Then maybe, just maybe, you ought to join us for our 2 day-intensive Content For Leads Masterclass in Dallas, Texas where we will show you how to:

  • Change the direction of your business's LeadFlow, (so customers seek you out)
  • ​Remove your dependency on ads-for-leads
  • ​Solve your "lead flow" problem once and for all
  • And so much more!

All the while connecting with other high-level entrepreneurs in a stunningly intimate surrounding…

Sounds good right?

Hey, it’s Marley & Scott here,

We’re riding a wave that is still cresting.

Last year we released a documentary on YouTube about cancel culture - a subject that's blazing hot in today's climate where creators and entrepreneurs are just one controversial opinion away from being vilified or venerated.

Our documentary sent shockwaves through the community...

It polarized opinion, sparked debate, and attracted attention from every corner. 

It also got us invites to film festivals, and eyeballs from industry heavyweights like the former president of Paramount Studios, and it's still making ripples, still sparking conversations.

And yes, it is still generating opportunities for us…


People want to know "How did you do it?" 

How did you break away from the yawning sea of talking heads and scripted content, now made even easier thanks to AI like Chat GPT? 

How did you dare to be different, to shake things up, to not just increase the stakes, but exponentially amplify your status and ROI?

How is it that months later just this one piece of content STILL brings you hundreds of leads and opportunities… 

Let's just say, creating content that's bold, disruptive, and impactful isn't just about what you say... 

It's about HOW you say it. 

And how it’s produced.

The TRUTH Is...

While many are willing to pour tens of thousands of dollars into out-of-touch, out-of-date video production for their content, you understand the futility of such an investment. 

Others sit there and watch as their ads don’t bring in any proper leads while their ad spend spirals out of control…

Why spend your resources on content and ads that fail to engage, convert, or serve any purpose, or deliver real ROI?

Let's be real – not everyone has that luxury of time, or the willingness to part with 30, 40, or 50k+ to piece this puzzle together.

So, we thought – why not package all these hard-earned insights and experience into a 2 day intimate “Intensive” for entrepreneurs who want to skip the guesswork and rather take the express lane straight to results and host it in a stunning location in Dallas, Texas.


2 days of an immersive, unforgettable experience where you'll not just learn, but LIVE the transformation. You'll go from having tired, outdated content to creating ICONIC, conversational sparks that attract your dream audience like moths to a flame. Without having to spend a dime on ads…

Here’s the deal:

We're inviting a select group of visionary entrepreneurs to join us for a two-day intensive experience we're calling "Content For Leads". Over these transformative 48 hours, our sole mission is to help you architect, craft, and execute an entire legacy content strategy geared for generational ROI.

This is the exact strategy we utilize in our business and it has been pivotal in the success of countless businesses we've advised, invested in, or owned.

This essentially means you're off the hook – you won't have to rack your brains figuring out what kind of content to create when to post, what to say, how to say it…


  • No more head-scratching over what kind of script will maximize ROI…
  • No more guessing games regarding which platforms - TikTok, IG, YouTube, Podcasts, etc - are your best bet…
  • ​Say goodbye to the confusion over which funnels or ad formats will work for you…

You won’t have to figure out anything at all, because we’ll be handing you the keys to the content for leads kingdom.

More than just strategies, we’re going to pinpoint the precise hooks that your audience can’t resist and guide you in creating high-quality, impactful videos for your specific market.


  • The Ultimate Leadgen Strategy Using Only ORGANIC YouTube Videos... 
  • ​What The CURRENT YouTube Algorithm NEEDS From You (Long and Short term) To Find Your Customers For You...
  • ​​Learn How MUCH Organic Content You Need To Produce, In Order To Get Your LeadFlow Needs Met (it’s less than you’ve been told)...
  • ​​Design Your Content Machine To Take Care Of The Tech, Team, And Time Requirements FOR YOU...
  • ​​Fast-Track To Organic Growth: Building An Evergreen ‘Content Machine’ That Delivers A Strong ROI!

During these 2 days, you'll unlock the true power of story shaping, a force that will enable you to captivate minds, hearts, and wallets alike. Once this door is opened, your potential is truly limitless!

Stand out as the unrivaled powerhouse in the marketplace. Transform your brand into a magnet that every consumer is drawn towards. And as you master the art of content brilliance, your content will become a catalyst for unprecedented publicity.

When you walk away from this immersive event, you won’t just have memories of a unique experience. 

You’ll possess a powerful content strategy that will help you create iconic, continually buzzworthy content that generates leads now and into the future…

Don't settle for lackluster content that fades into the abyss of insignificance. Or Ads that don’t convert.

Let's Recap:

Over 2 days, we’re equipping you with everything you need to leverage the power of legacy content for your business. Our goal is simple - to show you exactly how to generate leads and opportunities through captivating content that transforms, influences, and builds an iconic reputation with unparalleled generational ROI. 

What's more, this isn't a one-hit-wonder strategy. This is a long-term investment that will serve as a powerful traffic generator for years to come, much like it has for our own businesses and numerous clients.

Now, it's important to mention that this intensive, live edition of “Content For Leads" might be a one-time deal at this price. 

We’ve already opened the doors to our existing clients..

And this is the first time we’re doing this in this 2 day format, after this, we fully expect to raise the price, meaning this could be your one and only opportunity to work directly with us and receive this level of hands-on value at this investment.

Additionally, because we're dedicated to providing personalized attention to all participants, we can only accommodate a limited number. This means spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

And because of the intimate nature of this location, we’re closing registration on May 10th or when spots fill.

We can’t wait to see you in Dallas. 

If You’re Ready To Gain Control Of Your Own Lead Source, Surrounded By Other HIgh Level Entrepreneurs In Just 2 Days, So Your Business Can Learn To Use Content-For-Leads 🔥 Through Organic Content!!

Join Your Hosts

Scott Simson & Marley Jaxx

As They Reveal Their Groundbreaking Case Files to Captivating Content That Transforms, Persuades, Influences, and Builds An Iconic Reputation With Unparallelled ‘Generational ROI’

CAUTION: Brace Yourself For An Unconventional, Edge-of-Your-Seat Encounter. This Isn’t Your Run-Of-The-Mill Information Overload. It's a High-Impact, Unapologetically Edgy, Life-Altering Immersion. We Can’t Say More Without Diluting The Impact, But It’s… Different.

Prepare For The Unpredictable.

Limited To 25 Seats - The First 10 Approved Players Will Receive A Bonus Legacy Implementation Call (held after the event)

Apply Now to Begin Your Legacy Journey

Registration Closes July 1st Or When Spots Fill

Join Your Hosts

Scott Simson & Marley Jaxx

As They Reveal Their Groundbreaking Case Files to Captivating Content That Transforms, Persuades, Influences, and Builds An Iconic Reputation With Unparallelled ‘Generational ROI’

CAUTION: Brace Yourself For An Unconventional, Edge-of-Your-Seat Encounter. This Isn’t Your Run-Of-The-Mill Information Overload. It's a High-Impact, Unapologetically Edgy, Life-Altering Immersion. We Can’t Say More Without Diluting The Impact, But It’s… Different.

Prepare For The Unpredictable.

Apply Now to Begin Your Legacy Journey

Okay, Let's Talk Results...

Who Are

The Creators & Hosts of Content For Leads?

With over 400,000 followers Scott Simson is the CEO of Raffiti Media, and is recognized as an expert at YouTube growth and creating online communities with video. He is responsible for helping generate hundreds of millions of views and millions of dollars in revenue both personally and for his clients. Scott has worked with big brands, such as, Amazon, HEB, Mattel, VTech and many others.

Marley Jaxx is a globally-recognized expert in video creation, YouTube growth and content stratregy. She has been featured in the media for her inspiring approach to what she has termed ‘1% content creation’ to differentiate her style from the 99% of content that is bland, borning and uninspired, as well as for featuring in video such as ‘I got canceled… and I did it to myself.’ Her roster of clients includes legendary thought leaders such as Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Daymond John, and Stephen Larsen. She has shared the stage alongside Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Tom Bilyeu, and Frank Kern.


Special Guest Speakers

In every epic journey, there are wise guides who help navigate the path to victory. At Content For Leads, you won't just have access to the insights of Marley & Scott, but also to a select group of the content elite. These guests will captivate and empower you with their 'insider tactics.'

Rachel Miller

Set and Forget Social System
How a base of core evergreen content sells your business while you sleep (along with a GPT hack)

Akbar Sheikh

Behind the Scenes: Strategies That Made These Posts Go Viral - That You Can Copy!

Breaking down his most viral organic posts so you can copy them - An insider’s look at the strategies, content types, and engagement techniques that propelled these posts to high visibility and interaction

Sam Mantini

Storytelling and Stakes Formula That Tripled Our YouTube 

Sam TRIPLED his YouTube channel’s growth by mastering the art of storytelling and escalating the stakes, all while transparently building and launching a brand new business in the public eye

What Are The Rules of

The Legacy Game...?


You Agree To Play ALL-OUT- Please Bring Your Laptop & Phone But You Must Be Fully Present In The Room & Ready For Anything 


You Agree To Sign An NDA To Attend - Our Secrets Are Confidential & Highly Guarded!


No Guests. Only Certified Ticket Holders Will Be Admitted.


No Recording. Anyone Found To Be Recording Will Be Asked To Leave.


Open Mind: Come with an open mind, ready to learn and grow. Leave your preconceptions at the door.


The experience-based nature of this event means your attendance is necessary at all times. If you have to leave the room to ‘take a call,’ you might miss something vital to ‘the game!’ 

Ready To Apply? Your Legacy Begins Here…

All Seats Are Available By Application Only. 

This Is A High-Ticket, Premium-Level Event For Action-Takers Looking For Real Influence & Real Results. The Investment To Attend Is High Ticket. If You’re Not At This Level, You’re Not Ready For The Elite-Level Transformation On Offer Here. 
What Others Are Saying About Working With Us...


“I took the last 2k in my account to invest into this program and my company has completely changed. I ended up making $300,000 last year just from my YouTube Channel and just did another launch where we just crossed over $90,000 in monthly recurring revenue, all coming from YouTube!”


"Scott in my opinion is one of the best YouTube strategists and analysts really out there in the world! He has helped more people tons of subscribers, views, he knows how to build thumbnails that get clicks - he knows how YouTube works! I have my own YT channel and marketing agency where we help people with YouTube and SEO and when I’m stumped I call up Scott."


"From day 1 he has given me advice and strategies to help explode my business in a very short period of time. In fact, I was able to become monetized on YouTube in less than 3 months and my first check was over $1,200, it was incredible!"

Dr. Duroy

“I came to Marley about 5 months ago and said I need to make this change in my life. I was struggling for a long time and was unable to scale. I needed to find that life work balance. Just last month I was presented with a $10,000/month award, working towards the $50,000/mo award - which is MIND BLOWING!”


"He has worked extraordinary people in the community but what is even more impressive is his reputation which is why I work with him and I refer him to my clients as well who desire to start a YouTube channel."

Sid & Tiffany

"Based on mentorship and guidance from Marley Jaxx over the past year, my wife and I officially sold out our LIVE mastermind with only 1 presentation this week… The traffic on YouTube is blowing up and our lists are growling like crazy!"

Jim & Dave

"In just the last 7 months we went from 10k subscribers to now 40k subscribers, 150,000 views a month to now almost 600,000 views per month!"


"Scott is a master at his craft, and his abilities to teach and help people grow on YouTube are among the best I've ever seen. Because of Scott, I reached one million subscribers on one channel and started another channel that has surpassed 170,000 subscribers in a short amount of time. YouTube is a giant puzzle and Scott figured out how to put the pieces together."


“A few weeks ago Scott Simson gave me a few minutes of his time and did a Channel overview with me. Within minutes he spotted my obvious mistakes and course corrected me. Literally to the DAY he predicted when I would have View/Subscriber growth. [...]This is about a 400% increase for me in views and lead flow for my average videos. PLEASE follow his instructions and plug in to his training. THANK YOU SCOTT!”


"I’ve been on Youtube since 2014 and have worked with several people; however, I can say without a doubt that Scott is one of THE BEST. I consider him my secret weapon.

He understands the algorithm, content creation, and building a more massive presence on YouTube, but he also practices what he preaches. That alone is something hard to find in the current landscape." 

  • What Is The Date, Time & Venue?
    May 17th & 18th- 9:00 AM Til 5:00 PM-ish
    Dallas, Texas - Precise location will be emailed upon your payment being received. 
  • Will Recordings Be Available?
    No. We may record it for our own use but, to ensure this information remains exclusive, no recordings will be provided. Workbooks and resources will be provided to all attendees.
  • What Is The Dress Code?
  • What Hotels Are Available In The Area?
    A list of well-reviewed hotels will be provided to ticket purchasers. 
  • Is There A Payment Plan Available?
    No. At the level this event is aimed at, a payment plan isn’t necessary. If the investment is too high, please consider joining Chief Content Officer or checking out our free resources on our YouTube channels.
May 17th & 18th
(Countdown til Content For Leads)
Spots Are Limited So We Urge You Not To Delay.
Learn From Us Directly In Dallas Texas So You Too Can Gain Control Of Your Own Lead Source, Surrounded By Other High Level Entrepreneurs In Just 2 Days, So Your Business Can Learn To Use Content To Generate Leads & Opportunities On Repeat!
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